Fall 2013 MIP Guidelines

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Greetings, Chapters & Brothers of the Eastern Region.

I trust that you are enjoying the Summer season after returning home from a successful Conclave in Philadelphia! Please see the list of items below and ensure that your chapter has completed each. Further, please ensure that you transmit your Membership Fees, Chapter Tax, and Liability Insurance to the International Headquarters before arriving back to school for the new academic year. Please keep documentation of your fee transmittal (both for individual members and chapter tax and liability insurance).
I’m very excited about the prospect of new brothers coming in right before our Centennial!

Please note that the reporting guidelines are for both alumni and collegian chapters. Only difference is that the collegians have a time window and must obtain written approval (on school letter head) approving the chapter to conduct intake for Fall 2013. Further, the chapter must be financial for consideration. If not, the request will be denied immediately.

We are implementing a new MIP and only brothers that are certified will be on the Intake teams. New time windows are now incorporated with phase 1 and phase 2 of the process. The new process began on January 1, 2013. All requests SHALL be 14-28 days before your desired informational. Informational, Application Overview, Collection of Application(s) & Fee(s), Interviews, Approval or Denial, Grade Approval, Collection of Remain Fee(s) and Applications sent to the REGIONAL DIRECTOR for my WRITTEN APPROVAL OR DENIAL via email no more than 15 days. Once approved, the MIP Team may proceed with the five educational sessions, one session for the test and separate date for the initiation.

ALL DATES FOR BOTH PHASES MUST BE SUBMITTED ON A PBS-7C form (new form forthcoming) WITHOUT EXCEPTION. State Directors are responsible for scrubbing the requests and making sure all is in order with them and the requested MIP team. All brothers shall be financial for 2013 and NEW MIP certified to serve on the team or engage the candidates.

Program Implementation Assessment (PIA) Forms
The PIA is a standardized mechanism for the assessment and reporting of the Fraternity’s national programs and initiatives. PIA forms can be completed at: Every program and event hosted by your chapter should have a corresponding PIA submission. The Regional goal set by the Regional Director is three (3) with the idea of one for each of the three National Programs.

Chapter Self Assessment (CSAF) Report
The Fraternity collects information using the CSAF regarding chapter’s implementation of national programs to evaluate the chapter for awards and recognition. CSAF reports can be submitted at:

Chapter Annual Report
Every chapter in the Fraternity is required to submit a report to its Regional Director annually. In the coming year, eligibility to conduct membership intake will be tied directly to the submission of a chapter report. The current format for the chapter report is based upon the information compiled during the completion of the CSAF. The format can be found at: It is in the chapter’s best interest to ensure that all three (3) components of chapter reporting are fully completed. Chapter reports can be submitted both electronically and in hard copy to the Regional Director. The chapter report may be electronic and no need for CD.
For Collegiate Chapters AND Alumni chapters conducting ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Intake
Membership intake for a collegiate chapter requires the support of the University. Several chapters in recent history have encountered challenges in obtaining letters of support. Therefore, if your chapter plans on conducting membership intake in the Fall, you should begin liaising with the appropriate University official now. Please make such request in writing and follow-up with a verbal face-to-face meeting. This will ensure that you have sufficiently documented your request and allowed time for the University to respond. The Regional Directors Council has agreed on the time window for Fall 2013 as September 8th – November 17th to conduct membership intake activities with activities beginning September 22nd. Per the Eastern Regional Director, if a chapter is (a) unable to secure the necessary University approvals prior to Friday October 11, 2013 and/or (b) valid request for MIP is not received from the State Director by Friday October 11, 2013 then membership intake requests will not be accepted or approved. The Eastern Regional Director is committed to delivery of materials before the initiation date. This window will allow paperwork processing and delivery of a meaningful process to be realistic.

Should you need someone from the State Leadership Team to liaise with your University please let us know immediately. As with last year, the Chapter Advisor and/or member of the State Leadership Team will need to be present at all Membership Intake Activities. ALL MEMBERS OF THE INTAKE TEAM WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THE PROCESS. I strongly recommend that State Directors select brothers wisely as I will question the selection of every brother on the team.
Do not hesitate to contact your State/Area Directors, Alumni Advisor, and/or Alumni Chapter President should you need information or support.

In closing, you should have the following as a follow-up list for end of 2013 and prepare for 2014 (will be emphasized during State Meeting season):

  • Pay Membership Dues;
  • Pay Chapter Tax & Liability Insurance;
  • Pay Conclave Absentee Fee (if applicable);
  • Complete minimum of 3 Program Implementation Forms (PIA) (one in each of the National Programs);
  • Complete Chapter Self-Assessment Form (CSAF) and submit at International Website;
  • Complete Chapter Report (please reference chapter report format instruction on the National Website); and,
  • Contact University Official regarding MIP Letter of Support (Collegiate Chapters & Alumni Chapters’ ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Only).

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, comments and/or concerns. Thank you in advance. Grace and peace upon you and yours.

Bro. Leonard Lockhart

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