Brethren onr2014051201-photo1f the Eastern Region,

It is with great excitement that I bring you greetings as we prepare both our hearts and minds for the wondrous and awesome task of continuing our work as change agents in education within our respective communities throughout the Eastern Region this new academic year. It has been said that Phi Beta Sigma is more than just a fraternity, it is a spiritual connection, a social advocacy, cultural cause and political statement all in one. With this reflection as the context, and our record in the Eastern Region standing tall; we must never forget our legacy as some of the founding members of the Black intelligentsia and architects of social advancement. The Mighty Eastern Region must continue this work through our 2016/2017 programs and initiatives designed to uplift the community and bear witness to the impressive body of work that we have been engaged in here in the Eastern Region for the last 102 years that started here and spread throughout the world. Steeped in this kind of history we should take great pride in engaging in the great traditions of our organization and providing reflections of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service through our international, regional, state and chapter level educational initiatives.
I want to assure you I take the role entrusted to me by my beloved brothers of the Eastern Region with the reverence it deserves and as a servant leader I am here to support you in any way that I can to ensure that our programs are high quality, high impact and executed at the level that would befit men of the Mighty Eastern Region of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Please do not hesitate in any way to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns as we prepare to implement our initiatives for this new academic year.

Bro. Ra Alim Shabazz M.Ed
Eastern Regional Director of Education


MISSIONSigma education seal STATEMENT:
The Education Initiatives of the Eastern Region support the basic belief that all students ranging from K-12 and extending through both undergraduate and graduate schools should be fully supported by meaningful fraternal programs so that everyone can reach their fullest potential. The Eastern Region will focus on programming and services to graduate and undergraduates in the fraternity; moreover, to serve as a change agent within Sigma Communities through programs for the community at large through providing scholarships, lectures, college fairs, mentoring, and tutoring at the Regional and Local spheres of influence to lift up the name of Sigma and make it synonymous with supporting educational excellence.

Pursuant to the International Director of Education and his mandates which were communicated via conference call in August 8, 2016 the Mighty Eastern Region has essentially TWO major objectives that must guide our programming for the coming year and will serve as the standard tool of measurement as it relates to earning the Bronze, Silver and Gold Chapter designation connected to the chapter reports that have to be submitted annually.